Old 1970s Font

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I've been looking for this for ages, I've found a few close ones, COMPRESSA isn't bad, but I'd like it spot on.

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More close ones:
DSType-Dino dos Santos/Solido Compact Medium

Haaparanta, Tomi/Ticketbook-Medium

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Thanks chaps. Amazing help! I think TicketBook is probably the closest. I can change a few of the characters to make it 99%. I wonder what they used originally?

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Don't know the original typeface but if you only take in consideration the creation date, Helvetica Ultra Compressed is probably one of the closest you could get from this time period.

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I agree, even though the S is considerably different, but then I immagine in this period there were just loads of variants of Helv Ultra Compressed and this was one of them.

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