Ludovic Balland: Buchner Bründler, sans serif

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would be great to know what this typeface is exactly.


Screen shot 2013-01-12 at 9.10.10 AM.png434.73 KB
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thanks, the lower case g and the lower case f don't match though.

Also, maison neue is similar as well. But again, the lower case c is much more open in the typeface used in the book here by Ludovic Balland, and the lower case f don't match either...

Would be great to have more ideas, thanks!

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Would be great to have egg in my beer, too…

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still no idea here, what's that font?

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Ludovic Balland's website states "LUDOVIC BALLAND TYPOGRAPHY CABINET" and the business case for (Editorial >) BUCHNER BRÜNDLER says "typeface: plain" so may be it would be not so hazardous to consider it as a bespoke typeface created by Ludovic Balland Studio. The same "plain" has also been used for "BARENTS LESSONS" editorial.

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