Sharks and sports font

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Please help me identify the font used in the words "sharks" and "sports".
Thank you very much.
[img:sharks logo new_5440.JPG

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here's the image...

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Most likely a custom design for this 'sports gaming' entity. I've never seen a font where the upper left corners of the P and R are so completely different.

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Actually some fonts inspired by Cyrillic have that feature (although I highly doubt that's the case here).


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It looks like a tyro mash-up to me. The /A and /R are pure Peignot, and—Cyrillic influence doubtful—the word SPORTS is just plain clumsy…

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SHARKS is entirely abused, lowercase Peignot Bold.

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A slightly backslanted Concelian should do the job for "SPORTS".

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@Ryuk - nice find - it's very close and is probably also artificially boldened and with some of the corners/curves slightly modified.

- Herb

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