Love to know what font this is.

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Can someone tell me the font used. I already know what the large S is.

Thanks in advance

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opps...sorry I posted in the wrong topic. Can some please bump it to the right discussion.

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That is Linotype Palatino Light. The name is condensed 5.4% and has been spaced manually, but the bottom line is not condensed and is just widely letterspaced.

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hmmm ...I have that font and the & symbol is not the same and the e is tilted to the left
. I appreciate the help.

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What "&" symbol? I don't see one in the image you attached. The "e" in Palatino is not tilted. Are you sure you are looking at the correct image and/or font?

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By & symbol, I think the OP means the script S.

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Joshua, she said in the original post she already knew what that was.

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@darnson – Check other Palatino variants, such as URW Palladio.

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