Need a little help with this font

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Trying to find out what font this is. Little help!

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It looks like Abalone by David F. Nalle (Scriptorium Fonts, 1993)

I found it using Find my Font -

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Cochin, horizontally scaled.

EDIT: Fivos is right, it's Abalone... which actually looks like a scaled Cochin.

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So is Abalone made from scratch, or swiped from Cochin?


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AFAIK, all Scriptorium fonts are made from scratch, although the designs themselves are very often imitative.

Here's a comparison of Abalone's and Cochin's G:

- Herb

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Taking into account some details (top of /t/, bottom right of /a/) I think Cochin scaled is a better match.

@Hrant: From the many small differences I can see, I suppose this is not -at least- an outline theft.

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Thanks for checking - I agree.


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