(x) Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec book cover - custom typeface by Julien Gaillardot {Optimo}

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Font used on Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec book. I suspect this may be custom. Bouroullec

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We have had this one before but I don't remember what we came up with and I can't find the old thread. Sorry :-(

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It smells like T-26, but can't find anything that would have exactly the same features.

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Try Berlin Sans

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It looks a lot like the type produced by the autolettering machines for draughtsmen. You could try and look for it on CAD-sites (that's Computer Aided Design).

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you should look to swiss foundries
http://www.lineto.com / http://www.optimo.ch
as they are turned to this kind of font design (typ1451, courier sans...)

check the james goggin works also, at http://www.practise.co.uk
he has design the helix new, which is also similar to the sample you're looking for.

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just for info, they used on their site the typ1451 in light version...
the designer may have redesign few characters for their book.

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I know for a fact that it's a custom-made font by the book designers, a student from Lausanne/Switzerland. Check the book's colophon. It's mentioned there. Or write to Phaidon, they'll put you in touch.

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The font was custom-designed for the Bouroullec project by Julien Gaillardot, a former student from the University of Art & Design Lausanne. Now he has his own graphic & type design studio in Avignon, France. The design is based on Bouroullec design shapes and exists in 2 weights. Julien will release a new typeface family on Optimo this spring.

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