WANTED: Wedding App Font

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I'm a Ross MBA student an mobile app entrepreneur. I am creating a wedding app that will cater to the high end of the market. I am looking for something that straddles the line between high/end elegant and fun/hip. My target customer is mid to late twenties. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! (and possibly purchased)

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I don’t know if any of our typefaces fits your bill, but we offer app license for our entire catalogue.

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Also, check out Mobile FontFonts. I don’t know about many foundries offering app licenses for sale directly, but my guess is most will be accomodating if you approach them directly.

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FF Pitu:

Now, if designing a custom wedding "identity" is part of what your app might be doing then Frode's line of thought is probably just as relevant as choosing a typeface for yourself: you'll need to figure out how to offer a great assortment of high-quality fonts.


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That’s a MIGHTY BIG if in the headline…

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