Globlal baseline shift?

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How do I globally shift the baseline position in FL? Currently, it seem that when I shift the baseline in a glyphs windows, the change is applied only locally to that particular glyph. Also I don't see any option to modify the baseline position in the font metrics.


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Technically speaking, the baseline can't be shifted — notice that even when you move it in the glyph window, it stays at 0 and simply shifts the glyph itself. You can achieve the same effect on multiple glyphs with Tools > Action (the very first one under Contour), or using the Transformation panel with the glyphs selected in the Font window. (Note: the Shift command in Transformation panel doesn't shift hints or masks, so if your glyphs have either of those, use the Action tool.)

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So, let's say I wanna move down each glyph 12 units (when I imported from Illustrator the zero point didn't match the baseline in FL), I apply the mentioned action and that's all? It will work on diacritics and components as well?

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If you plan ahead you won't have to do all that work. Check this tutorial from Adam Twardoch at FontLab:

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Save your work first, because this can't be UNDOne.
Vertical Shift -12 / Check the box 'apply to entire font' .

If you don't like the result, File/Revert to the last saved version.

If you don't like the result, just

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