Help with Identity of Serif Typeface

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Hello, I'm trying to identify this typeface. I can't make hide nor hair of it. Please help!

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Looks like Americana stretched to me.

EDIT: Bitstream has an Extra Bold Condensed style.

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Americana, squooshed.

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stretched = squooshed ?

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@ Dick: Logically, the only way you can stretch or squoosh letters is horizontally. If you want to make letters taller and skinnier, you don't stretch them vertically. You increase the point size and squoosh them horizontally.

The proper terms are "expand" and "condense," not "stretch" and "squoosh," but since "expanded" and "condensed" can refer to other versions created by the designer of the font, I prefer to say "horizontally scaled" when I'm talking about a modification done in a page layout or drawing program.

When I see horizontal scaling carried to an extreme, the term I usually use is "cruelly distorted."

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