Pentagram Redesigns NY Street Signs

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New York's Department of Transportation has unveiled several new parking signs it created in partnership with a team of designers at Pentagram. Previously, parking signs had been the work of the city’s sign shop.


Interview with designer:

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Who's behind the new light-up blue street signs in large U&lc serif type?

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Definitely an improvement (even just left-aligning helped a lot).

It still seems a bit confusing, but I don't live in NYC so maybe it makes more sense in context.

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I like the older, longer en-dashes. The update looks a little like "Monday • Friday"

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I think it's an improvement overall, but the new design is too mannered to be fully functional. Like those left-aligned arrows look pretty retarded.


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As someone who used to spend quite a bit of time deciphering NYC parking signs, these are a great improvement. Might be even better if the smaller text was somewhat larger.

hhp: Absolutely right about the left-adjusted two-way arrows. They look like someone made a mistake.

- Herb

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IMHO, the new design is no better and no worse than the old design. The new wording, however, is a big improvement. Kudos to the editor.
Then again, when I go to Manhattan I never take a car.

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None, the old or the new, are very good at all.

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