Favorite handwritten fonts

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What are some favorite handwritten fonts... specifically, hand printing not cursive or calligraphic.


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I'd say Catich's Petrarch Script:
But I'm pretty sure it's never actually been made into a font.


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Well, I made this one for a customer.

Yes, I sometimes do things like this.

Yes, it's for children.

Yes, this is Jacques

Aren't I pretty?

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May I speak Freely?

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Stephen, you just reminded me of one of my favorite handwriting fonts: Gary Munch's Nanogram (FontHaus).

And did you know that Comic Sans has a sister?


BTW, Jacques, do you use email to reply to Typophile posts?


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Because emailed posts don't contain even a clue of an "embedded" link in the post, and that way you would have failed to realize that Richard's question contained its answer, and told him to "Go".

Not your fault - Typophile's.


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Plumera from Sudtipos & Handsome Nib from Mr Shinn.

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I hoped no one got that and that you all would take that as a very intelligent remark.

I am busy kerning a font at the moment. As outlook goes 'ploink', I am relieved of my duties for the next 30 seconds.


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Outlook? You virus hub.


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FF Prater + FF Prater sans.

I have to the beergarden, which it was made originally for.


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It came for free with the system.

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I love, absolutely love, Emily Austin from Type Quarry: http://www.typequarry.com/type.html?sku=042&cart=10614938411026231

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Chris: Good pick. I love Brian Willson's scripts.

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i am looking mainly for an unconnected printed style, not scripty and not to elegant. maybe similar to the hand printing on an architectural drawing....

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Emily Austin isnt what i was looking for... but i think i love mrs austin too!!! great face... i need to buy it.

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joshua, if i can plug my own, i have several architecture-like fonts at my site:
and kemie

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sorry, double posted

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I'm partial to Rudolph Ruzicka's Ruzicka Freehand:


As well as John Benson's Caliban:


I also like many of Nate Piekos' comic-book
fonts offered by Blambot, many of which are
free or very inexpensive:




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Joshua wrote,

> What are some favorite handwritten fonts...
>specifically, hand printing(...)

One of my favorites for about ten years now is my good friend Gary Eckstein's 'TF Gary' design:

To my amazement, his handwriting actually looks like this. After a lot of nudging, I was finally able to cajol him into turning it into a font.

It's available in three weights - Light, Medium and Bold - and has been well used by some major print and online marketers.


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Is it just me, or do others find all the Koziupa script faces at Sudtipos unusually masterful?

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Oops, just noticed Joshua's specification of 'not cursive', which rules out Caflisch Script.

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If you're looking for something that emulates hand printing
your choices are slim. Most are too formal (Petrarch), too
cute (Comic Sans), or too mechanical to pass for handwriting.

Here are a few that emulate real, legible hand scripts:

Fineprint, Zemke Hand, Longhand, Erazure, Petescript,
Grove Script, Felt Tip Roman (Mark Simonson's best-seller),
and the hugely popular Marydale from the Type Quarry which
sells a few other good scripts, including some nice
historical reconstructions.

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Freely is great, Rich. Thanks for reminding me of that new release.

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Joshua - Are you looking for connected scripts? If so, I have
a different list.

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I realize this one might not fit your bill, Joshua, but since
this thread has formed a nice list of handwriting fonts in all
forms, I thought I'd add Tiza, brand new from Sudtipos.

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Not just you, William - me too. As I understand it, Koziupa
is an Argentinian letterer who has barely touched a
computer. Alejandro Paul discovered him and has begun
digitizing his work. We hope to do a feature on his work at
Typographica sometime soon.

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The quality is probably substandard on most of these, but
there is a huge list of school pen scripts here (mirrored here).

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This is an ancient thread but it’s still generating lots of visits. So, 10 years later, here’s an update of my handwriting font recommendations.

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