Business card critique ?

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here a sample business card, but I am not sure about the font.. do you have any advices?

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I like it. Nice illustration, by the way.

What makes you not sure about Futura?

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I can not stop thinking like, "Is there a better font for this card?"

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I agree with Chris Futura is fine. My only reaction to the card is 4 color process printing for a business card? Maybe you can justify it if you gang up your business cards with a promotional postcards print them at the same time.

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I like the illustration too.

Why 4 color process? Color illustration by an illustrator coud be a good reason? But is more expensive of course.

You,re not sur about the font. The best way for me is trying fonts and judge the result.

Have you try other than Futura? Here some examples.


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What I meant was: "What do you want it to do that Futura isn't doing?"

I could give more suggestions than you could sift through, but it depends on what you want the design to 'say' to people.

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AndrZ -- nice alternates! How about:

I'm not sure if you can purchase individual fonts of this typeface though.


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As you see, there is a lots of typeface you can use to replace Futura, of course if you want to.

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Gokhan, what I would do on your card is replace the / with a bullet or remove the extra space before and after the/. I don't think the typeface is an issue especially when they see the great illustration. This is one case where you shouldn't over think the card. Just keep it simple.

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