Reebok and other clothing brands

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first post on here. Basically I'm a graphic design uni student - I'm doing a project bastardising popular logos - adidas, golce and gabanna, armani, etc..

There are a few compnies I am having trouble identifying - reebok, lacoste and levi - thanks very much!



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the Reebok logo is the main one I'm looking for - it's a more angular variation on Bauhaus - any ideas?

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I fear these logos are custom drawn.

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found out that reebok is a custom made font as you said - found a couple of similar ones but none that good - I'm going to edit bauhaus 93 in illustrator - that'll do!

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Theres no need to be scared, Yves, its quite common these days ;)

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Look at him, he's screaming in terror because it's one less font id opportunity for him.

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Hey, Karen, David, what was that all about? Pick-on-the-Belgian Day? :-)

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