T-Shirt Font ID

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Above is an image of a shirt that I am trying to re-create with the permission of the designer - unfortunately, I cannot get a hold of him to identify this font for me! I've been to no fewer than five different sites and answered all sorts of questions, but I just can't seem to find it. Can anyone here help me out, please?

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First things first: how are you going to get permission if you can't get a hold of him?


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I got him by email before the holidays, got permission, and then emailed him a day or two after Christmas asking about the font and haven't heard back yet. We're in a bit of a rush to get just an image of the design up, and I would rather match the font right from the beginning than post something close now and have to modify it later.

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Start with Courier (or similar) and modify the d and y, is my tip.

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