Font ID please

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Dear All,
I'm new to the site so apologies if I don't get this post right first time.
Fabulous site made even more so by everyone's input...

If possible any ideas for the main font used in the newspaper title 'news of the world'... could be hand drawn but any similar fonts?

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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This (from Dan Solo: 100 Victorian Display Alphabets) looks pretty close. However, it has not yet been digitized. There are many other Woodtype and Circus-style fonts that have a similar 'feel', some of which would need the outline ('rimmed' effect) added.

- Herb

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Many thanks Herb- although the newspaper font's a tad wider your ID looks bang on! ;)))

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Sorry, don't know this type, probably never digitized as suggested by HVB. Obviously not identical, Tuskcandy shares some similarities though.

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Agreed Ryuk. I realize the 'e' 'f' amongst others are off but 'burlesque' isn't toooo wide of the mark. Just a first time poster getting over excited at a response to his question! Thinking I may need to render by hand and then put in illustrator as the original font may well have never been digitized.

The two ball split serif of tuskcandy is helpful - thanks!

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