Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift - Under Development by Alter Littera

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I am giving the (hopefully) finishing touches to a careful and comprehensive revival of Rudolf Koch's classic Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift.

The font adds a lot of features to existing revivals (notably Adobe/Linotype Wilhelm Klingspor Gotisch), including the full sets of basic characters, narrow capitals, alternates, ligatures and ornaments originally designed by Rudolf Koch.

I would be extremely grateful to hear your invaluable opinions before releasing the font. You can download a high-res specimen sheet here.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Happy new year! I am not sure if the hairline endings aren’t too thin for the text sizes. I fear they are even too thin for the 14 point size. Apart from that the type looks really fine.

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Thanks for reading and commenting. I wanted the hairlines to be really thin, so they provide a hard contrast at display sizes while, at the same time, are almost unnoticeable at text sizes. I didn't want to make just another standard revival in several respects, so I expected the thin hairlines would contribute to set this revival apart from those of, say, Adobe and Linotype. Anyway, the topic doesn't seem to have generated too much enthusiasm ... Nonetheless, I have updated the specimen sheet linked to on the first post. Incidentally, the gif file now seems to be properly loadable within IE.

Thanks again.

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Live test page for The Oldtype "Wilhelm Klingspor Schrift" Font launched at alterlittera.com. Initial release hopefully coming soon.

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Almost done! Lots of additions and refinements since the previous post, including a careful revision of each and every glyph. The font is finally an (almost) exact reproduction of the Klingspor original (with many convenient additions for modern OpenType use), providing vast improvements over the current Adobe/Linotype and other not-so-popular renditions.
Updated information and samples available at alterlittera.com.
Thanks in advance.

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