Why is typography important in design?

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I'd just like to know why really!


Uselink :-)

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Hi emma, pretty risky, to ask such a question on a forum like this.

To start simple, let us first scale the design disciplines to graphic design.

You will not come around the fact that text will have to be used in graphic design. Even if its one drawn character at 8 pt. on a big poster.

I think typography can be seen as one of the graphic design tools. Like for example color is one. Every decision you take, that has to do with text, even if you decide to use all the possible default settings, or even the decision not to use text, is typography.

Design is the resulting balance of all the decisions you took of how to use and into what effect, of all the design tools. Such as color, size, paper, typography, psycology, language, target public, marketing theories and so on...


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Not much to say from me.

Personally I think I have wasted my life in typography and recommend against participating in it.

It is highly contagious, and I think for some, incurable. I don't think they have yet clearly defined it's specific cause but apparently it inflicts people with laughter, wild romantic dreams, imaginary travel and the desire to spend money they do not have.

Some have come to pretend to be great prophets of both knowledge and wisdom. They are noted for preaching incredible thoughts simultaneously wearing heavy round "glass contraptions on their noses which are wired to their ears". Some, are shockingly serious! Worse, others influence innocent young children in schools causing them to become taxpayers. You just know the trouble that causes.

And that's just the people that look at it!

Gerald Giampa

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Dear G.G.,

> It is highly contagious, and I think for some, incurable. Its better than loothing done the streets, lurking on a bottle, packed in paper (in the US), or without paper (europe)


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That said,

I agree with Jacques.

Gerald Giampa

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Jacques, you mean I can't do both?


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This is the best way I can explain it Emma, I was just going to write your name in few differents types but I couldn't help it, an hiperactive day I guess and it looks you have a fun name to work with...


I think that there is a lot of power of expression in the letters, the same is not THE SAME, and we should use it.
And agree with Jacques, the paper is also very important in this matter of graphic design.

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Because 99.9% of design involves words.

And the lower you are on the totem pole, the more you have to contend with it.

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That's a great way to explain it, Ignacio.

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> Jacques, you mean I can't do both? Well one might lead to another...


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Hello fans, good morning from Finland!

Jacques & Hrant,

Typography started for me when innocently drinking in my youth with this man who spouted the doctrines of the "black arts".

So this could happen to your child?

Oh, just think, I started off as one sweet lovable little baby born in a tent only to become a dastardly run-away-printer when I was at the tender age of 13. What an unlucky number.

That's exactly what happened to me. That "evil alcohol" led me straight down the path to typography.

And just look at me now.

Gerald Giampa
Lanston Type Company

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thanks guys. that's really helped.


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