Windows 8 Font Issues?

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If I upgrade to Windows 8, what kinds of font-related issues should I expect to run into? Specifically in terms of making (and testing) fonts. (No Mac jokes please. :-)


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>Maybe, but Win 8 PCs and tablets are selling poorly so far.

Well, f--k ME!
It's JamesM!
How ya been? And Happy New Year.
Been taking your Tourettes medication I see....

Well - as far as Microsoft and tablets - in da woids of da foundah, "We are patient people".

Me (and my wife, too) will most definitely buy a Surface Pro Tablet at some point in the next year and I agree with David Pogue that it's a game changer.
Oddly, it got released post-Christmas. (So slow sales, no surprise. But it wasn't designed to be a stocking stuffer anyway. It would have just gotten lost in the shuffle - to its detriment.)

If someone is used to Windows software and they need to stick with some legacy apps but yet "move up" to Win8, what's the other choice for the average user? Especially business users? Nothing as far as I can see.
(Hey, haven't we seen this before?)

I think they have to be careful about price, though. Over the long term, Android mobiles are going to be constantly biting them in the ass from below and the one thing they can't afford is to hold an umbrella over them. If you space enough hundred dollar bills between the two options then Google Docs starts looking better and better.

I use Apple products on a daily basis and their reputation for ease of use is bullshit. Good quality hardware, yeah. And it holds its value well - I've never lost money on an iPhone resale yet.
But it still costs too much and all I get for the money is glitz.

What was this thread about again?

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> Well, f--k ME! It's JamesM! ...Been taking your
> Tourettes medication I see

Huh? Are you confusing me with someone else?

Anyway, the Surface Pro Tablet (which won't be released until several weeks from now) may indeed turn out to be a game changer; the early reviews have been excellent. We'll have to see if the price is going to be an issue, as it's around $1,000 if you get the optional keyboard cover.

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Windows 8: The Animated Evaluation

Since MS can't even do software right, why would they (or anyone else) think they could do hardware any better?

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> Maybe, but Win 8 PCs and tablets are selling poorly so far. Google for numerous news articles about disappointing sales.

I think this is mostly due to Microsoft mixing to UIs in one package.

I really like Metro styling and I think it's head and shoulders above the embarrassing piece of junk that Vista/W7 UI is. It's just that you can't throw two UI styles together and expect people to like the change.

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I think the Metro UI is really intriguing. I will be curious to try it out myself some time.

I am less impressed with the new text rendering, the so-called “grayscale ClearType.” It seems like a mild step backwards. Fuzzier, yet no less sensitive to the font’s hinting.

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TP>I am less impressed with the new text rendering, the so-called “grayscale ClearType.” It seems like a mild step backwards. Fuzzier, yet no less sensitive to the font’s hinting.

Yes, this is making me leery, too.

Also - to all - the Surface Pro - the version of the Surface that runs Win7 programs - is not yet available in stores so there are, as yet, no sales numbers to talk about.

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Thanks for the link, but the auteur is obviously enamored of his own powers and abilities, far beyond those of mortal men, and —therefore—an unreliable source…

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It was more for amusement ... but not without some truth. You could also enter Windows 8 in the YouTube search box.

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Hrant: David, what are you getting at?

Well, you asked what font related bla bla bla Windows 8 bla bla bla.

My point, as illustrated far above, aside from the indic of Hudson's grey, is that this windows renderer, and all CT rendings i have seen so far, (when the stem is between 1 and 2, or 2 and 3 device pixels), is lighter than it should be.

That's a relative lighter for sure, so I'll qualify it as being lighter than everything but other versions of itself, where everything includes the Mac, all other non windows renderers and print, of compatible stroke width of course.

Zoom around the glyph yourselves, doing your best with asymmetrical rendering, right? The y stems are color retarded towards high contrast, losing the actual remainder pixels which are whitened (CT) or lightend (CTDW), and the renderer must compensate on the x stems or else all fonts would have to be redrawn. (MS original, barely heeded, recommendation).

You can see this clearly happening exactly as John describes it in my last posted specimen. Mac has no contrast, windows has a little more, and windows? it's all lighter, even when it's not specified as grey.

That is my windows 8 problem. But still, I can't wait to get my hands on a loaded surface super pro with a telephonic keyboard, surroundish sound and a built in widescreen projector for impromptu elevator disco parties, and then read on the iPad later.

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OK, I get your point now - thanks for explaining.


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