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Hi all,

It seems that, although there is a unicode for euro.smcp, or dollar.smcp, etc, there isn't one for rupee.smcp. Am I wrong? The rupee sign itself has a unicode, so it seems odd to exclude a smallcap rupee from the list. Is there any way of solvinf this, or are we simply to wait for a unicode upgrade?

Cheers, jasper

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there is a unicode for euro.smcp, or dollar.smcp, etc, ...

Really? Where? Aside from private use, that is. Generally, small caps are not separate characters in Unicode (except for phonetics), and receive no Unicode index. That some give them a private use number is a private matter between consenting adults.

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That rendering has some problems.


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Charles is correct.

All these small cap glyphs are accessed as alternates, generally by means of small cap formatting, which in turn applies an appropriate layout feature. You need to be sure to hook them up to the 'smcp' feature. There is rarely any strong reason to encode them.

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