Wonka industries...

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hmmm... there's a strange resemblance here (bottom left corner)

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hmmm... i guess a link woulda helped:

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do you mean the logo?

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ummm... yeah.

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...living in a world of pure imagination?


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are you Charlie Bucket - our hero, who was honest, obedient, loyal, trustworthy, brave, good, kind, and starving ?


I wonder who's the first to ask/to post: "what's that font?"

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It's a pretty generic logo. I don't think house was the first nor last to use it...

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too true

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fyi, this is from House's book.

Andy Cruz, speaking at an event in Los Angeles, said that this page of clip art was the
inspiration for the name and the logo.

But the story could also be a Chalet./? :-)

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Oh no. Chocolate & Johnny Depp.

My girlfriend will be in paradise!

I don't stand a chance

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Ye Gads! I hadn't though about that. Now I understand that ultra dreamy look in her eyes when the lights went back on. I thought it was just the French-ness of it all

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Or Depped in Chocolate.

Wearing a pirate-like eyepatch only made things worse.

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He may be alluding to House.

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Hey I resemble that remark! ehehe. Funny observation, Kris. Did you have similar problems with the movie, Chocolat?

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