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It contains my initials EB, I hope to get some critique on it :)

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My first impression is that it looks more like an odd B rather than EB. Maybe it would help if the E wasn't so condensed.

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How? Any suggestion? :)

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My suggestion would be to use an E that's the same style/proportions as the B, and extend the width of the B (the white area) further to the left. Another idea would be to try a lower case E.

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Are you merely trying to make a monogram or are you trying to instill other meanings in this?

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I'd like to echo what aluminum said, because while some monograms are just pure typographical constructs with no obvious references, your looks quite a bit like a zipper.

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Reminds me of simplebits logo.

Start off with some tight geometry because this design is clumsy.

Maybe go for a mirrored E ? Very quick sketch.

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Dont mean to copy this by the way.

It just feels like a logical solution for this monogram.

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