Mechanics/Paradise Design

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Hello, I'm currently a physics student in my college, and I'm getting this design done for a college event. It's an ambigram that reads mechanics on one side and paradise the other way.

I'm wondering how the design stands typographically (I'm a complete amateur to typography), and would definitely welcome all comments/suggestions, especially if it would enhance legibility.


For convenience, the design maps this way:
'm' on 'dise'
'e' on 'a'
'ch' on 'r'
'a' on 'a'
'nics' on 'p'

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I think your design would be helped by making a consistent x-height, using a kind of blackletter style with thick and thin strokes and reduce the swashes to the minimum needed. You have a difficult task making the m from 4 letters it leaves p with too much work, try to develop the m from se.

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I'm not too crazy about the swashes myself, so I'm trying to get rid of as many swashes as possible. They were supposedly there to compensate for a very inconsistent baseline.

I've tweaked the design some more, reduced the swashes, with what I hope is a much more consistent x-height, and now it looks like this:second design

It seems better to me now, though "paradise" still leaves much to be desired.

I think it's an improvement, anyhow. I'll see how it turns out with a different type of blackletter, but that'll take some time, as I'm pretty clumsy with manipulating bezier curves.

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