(x) Wild Oak - Priory {Lisa}

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I'm having trouble with these...they're pretty distinctive,
but whatthefont and identifont couldn't id them.

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LOL, Coles. You got this one and in only 4 minutes.

Bald Condensed's picture

I think the designer went way out of line trying to mutilate something like Hollandse Medi

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I have been lurking in this forum for months and I think I may finally have a useful contribution. I believe it is Priory a free font. Sorry I could not find a better sample of the text.

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Nice job, Lisa!

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Hey Lisa, brilliant catch!

lisa_p's picture

Wow, thanks for the compliment. From such esteemed type ID-ers, I am honored.

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Yikes! Looks like someone tried to render Caslon Open Face with a Sharpie.

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