halfway between FG/NewsG and HelvCond

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Client is using a bad typeface and I want to suggest a replacement. Do you know of a GOOD face that looks like a cross between Franklin/News Gothic and Helvetica Condensed, with an x-height that pushes the limit on "too high"? Available in a range of weights and with an italic or oblique? That works in small sizes for short blocks of text?

Pairing it with Sentinel, which is gorgeous for the client's purposes.


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Have a look at Spiegel Condensed by Luc(as) de Groot.

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Also take a look at Centro Sans by Parachute: http://www.parachute.gr/typefaces/allfonts/centro-sans-pro


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Imma present the client with Spiegel Condensed and Brown Gothic and see what they think.

Neither is too big a departure from their current; each has their own personality that might do quite well for them. THANKS!

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