Hebrew Logo Font Identification

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Anyone know what font is used in this logo?

I need to change the logo to add ע"ר at the end and want to add it in the same font.


Yael Krieger

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Hi Yael,

There are 2 fonts that match your logo by in 99%.
1. Protocal by Masterfont
2. Gorme by Fontbit

In both fonts the gimel is a little diffrent then you example.

by the way, this forum is not the place to ask about hebrew fonts. you should try at "tikshoret hazutit" forum in Tapuz.
good luck.

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Thanks so much those fonts are a pretty good match.

And that tikshoret chazutit forum is great.

Iv recently moved to Israel. Any other graphic design forums or groups I should know about that you know of off hand?

Thanks for the help!


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Please feel free to ask about Hebrew fonts here - especially if it concerns their design as opposed to merely their use.


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Thanks :)

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