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My assignment was to develop a label to be woven and a printed hangtag for men's faux fur jackets. Color and size are being used to convey a degree of edginess to a somewhat classic design and also to give the item hangar appeal against a ground of dark fur. I been searching for an old english type font that distinguishes the "K" as such and not be misread as an "R"...this is Schwabacher. Keep in mind that there is a need to keep it simple as the label will be woven.
TIA for your critique and suggestions.

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The crown is undoable. Its too complicated. I'd loose the white stroke on Kingdom its doen't add any separation from the yellow. Its not needed. Did you explore shapes other than a rectangle for your label? An oval or circle could be as much a part of the idenity as the name. Good start, keep going

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I may second what Daniel said about the crown, you may have to simplify it, a lot..

( The mark itself slightly reminds me of 'Lonsdale', which may not be a good thing, for various reasons.. But, maybe thats just the lion, and maybe thats just me, and my 'dislike' for the typical 'fans' of the 'Lonsdale' brand over here.. )

Oh, and, 'Welcome to Typophile', Filly Mae..

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So embarrassed by my multi-posting...didn't realize that the forum wasn't Safari friendly and wasn't able to edit. I totally reworked the lion and the crown. The first one was looking more and more like a poodle.

Appreciate the welcome...hit me!Kingdom

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I really prefer the redraw you've made. I will suggest to move the crown to the left a bit, just over the very middle or somewhere near of the middle of his head. I think you have to work on the paw too, to eliminate the effect of a hoof. I also notice you have eliminate the white line around the word Kingdom, I will suggest to you to keep this line.

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Wow...that's a lot of improvement from the first to the second.

I'll contradict AndrZ and say that it's better without the white border around the type.

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I definitely think your second variation hits the mark better and I'll agree with Darrel about leaving the white stroke out of the picture. A couple of things I would suggest

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My thought about the white stroke is also practicle. Why would you want to incur the added expense of sewing that stroke? I could see it if you had white somewhere else on the label.

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I still have to clean up his paws and the upper tooth but I rushed to tweak my color settings so hopefully you will see the correct color...not road sign yellow but a very bright chartreuse! I used the white stroke with my initial draft to balance the white in the crown and to give the text a bit of definition.

Thanks all for your expert advice! Kingdom

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Nice stuff, Filly.

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