Font Help for a Christmas Gift

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Need help finding a font similar to these two styles shown in photo, please. I am wanting to make this sign for a Christmas gift. A family member who is an antique lover, loved this sign and wanted to buy it. She could not afford the price they were asking and being such a simple sign, I thought I could make as a gift for her. Any help that would be similar to this font, I would appreciate it greatly.

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Nice thought.

How close do you need it to be? Because that's some pretty idiosyncratic hand-lettering...

What you might consider instead is a one-off "logo" of those exact letterforms, which is entirely doable with the nice big photo you have there. If you have a reasonable budget for that sort of thing you'll find many willing accomplices here, including yours truly: hpapazian at gmail dot com


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hhp - I will send you an email, I wouldn't mind having a so called "logo" made of this if the price is right. It was crazy the amount of money they wanted for this sign of wood and red lettering.

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Email has beens sent, thank you.

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