Help with Informed Consent Form:

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I'm new to this board and fairly new to all the intricacies of typography. I don't know if this sort of thing will annoy you (or just be ignored) and I apologize in advance if it does.
I am redesigning a hospital consent form for one of my classes. I really want to do an excellent job, but am having problems choosing a font for it. Right now I am using Optima and Minion Pro. It needs to be exquisitely legible, while at the same time non-threatening and comforting. I would be so grateful for any ideas.

application/pdfRedesigned Consent form for Hospital
strongconsentweb.pdf (75.6 k)

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The fonts work okay for a medical form but I think you have a design problem with your rules.

You're trying to use the rules as field for intials and as a divider between sections. It's confusing and makes the seperation feel uncomfortable. A quick fix would be to increase the spacing above each section, between the type and the extra wide rules. Also, the spacing between the rules and type above them is too much, and it's applied inconsistantly. The space below "Relationship to Guardian" feels good, try using that for everything.

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"non-threatening and comforting"

It's a medical form. I think that's asking for the impossible. ;o)

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I agree with the others.

Also, I'd move the main body of info away from the top block of info on the front page. One more unit down, where a unit equals the space between two rules. 'Initial' gets kind of lost over there on the far right.

It might not hurt to repeat 'initial' in grey or a lighter weight, they way 'date' is repeated on the back. It's just less ambiguous.

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The lines which separate the the varied procedures need to be different than the lines which are used for writing. Also, the marker used to designate Initial location seems a little vague.

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