(x) "Sleeping Beauty" movie poster - Fairy Tale, Volta, Franklin Gothic XCd {Justin, Yves}

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Hey guys,

I was wondering what these typefaces are on this Sleepy Beauty poster. I know the type in the middle is hand-done, but the rest I'm not too sure on.

Maybe the sans serif is a condensed version of Franklin Gothic? As for the serif, I want to say Clarendon Light, but I'm not sure if it existed during that time.

Serif typeface

Serif typeface close-up

Sans serif typeface

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Based on the form of the 'w', I'm going to guess that the particular cut was Fortune Light (later called Fortuna) by Bauer. Unfortunately, I can't find any online source; the medium weight is in the imports Appendix of McGrew.

The sans is just a bit rounder than Alternate Gothic (which was the original ATF condensed gothic designed to harmonize with Franklin), but I can't find the cut that nails it. There were an awful lot of these floating around then.

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FWIW, the hand-drawn titling was extrapolated into a font called Fairy Tale by Jason Walcott.

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Yves: I hate you. How could anyone be able to track down the exact cut of a '50s Clarendon revival? I am sure you must have made some sort of deal with the devil.

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The serif face is Volta, available from Elsner + Flake, and
the condensed sans is Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed.

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You can't imagine how fortunate you are to still have a reflection
in the mirror... It's been seven years since I last saw sunlight. :-)

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