Curated deals/discounts on type & design resources

Very much a work in progress, but as a designer who regularly has to purchase/license type and other resources, I just fired up a blog over at to dig-up/share daily deals, discounts & fresh releases of curated/quality type & design resources. Check it out or follow @getdlio if interested, and of course... hit me with your thoughts/ideas!

Cheers everyone.

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Good idea.

Less than 10 hours left to take advantage of 15%-off at FontShop.


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A working link:

A nice initiative. However, a more prominent display of the deal for each entry would be useful.

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Thanks for the suggestion... I'm playing around with a "corner tag" template to show the deal details (discount, old price/new) in the image area to make it easier to quickly glance through the entries that I'll roll out eventually.

Hopefully that'll alleviate the need to scan the copy for each entry for those details.


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Your "savings" fallacy just cost me $300!

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Hey, don't think that we're not "sampling the goods" ourselves! Tough to turn down some of the more ridiculous offers to be sure...

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Heads up:

We're giving away $100 in credit from youworkforthem sometime next week. Head on over to or check out @getdlio on twitter to find out the details.


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wow, can I get ripped of for $300, too? YAY!!!!!

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