EVERLAST - script font ID

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Looking for an identification on the script font used for Everlast. Anybody know of something similar since this looks like it might be a custom job?

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Don't know any script that could match this one so my guess would be handdrawn or heavy customization.
Here is a list of fonts I like for this one, some need hard work to customize, mainly starting with "vrlast", cleaning and reworking some outlines and connections and recreating /E and /e (may be from /& or /3): Lakeside (some more Filmotype have also the right /E), Freestyle Script, Bambola (using some alternates), Fancier Script, Lavanderia, Wisdom Script (be careful with this one as it is really overused and distinctive so may be more work to make it less recognizable), Trattoria, Gelateria (as many Flat-it scripts, some even have the right /E and /e), Fenway Park, Terital United

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ryuk - this is so so helpful, these font suggestions are great!

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