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Hi everyone. For some time now I've had this logo and another one (when I was under another name). In the process of thinking about going in another direction with my identity (but really don't want to) and was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to critique this logo. I would definitely appreciate it.
Logo for Mode Graphics

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James, can you give us some more information ...

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Hi James. BJ has a good point, who are you trying to reach. folks in technology who needs branding and annual reports, club owners who need flyers, galleries, ?
Well lets move on and assume you know what market it is for. What about the mark as a visual element.
I suggest you balance it more. Top logo is best in my opinion, but it needs more balance. If you are familiar with kerning and spacing, it is important that things look balanced. This can only partailly be done by measuring distance. Think of this in terms of volume and not only distance. The side of the G looks like it lines up with the edge of the M if you were to draw a straight line, however since the G has curves and is not straight like the M there needs to be adjustments made. You have made this more difficult be boxing all elements in a grey box. Well I have made a mock-up to get you started in the right direction.


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Well "mode" is kind of my own shortening of the word "modern"; as for the period, it's an representation for the slogan I had recently added "It always has been about the art...period."

Also I'm really not trying to reach a certain market, I'm just a graphic designer & I take all clients. Hope this helps.

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"Mode" means "fashion" in Danish, and I think it is the same for French language. As you are not a fashion designer perhaps it is a bit confusing. If you like to use something that sounds like "Mode", and is similar in meaning, perhaps consider shortening it to "Mod".
You are not trying to reach any specific market- I understand your point that you would just like to get work and it is not important if it is from corporate clients, a .com, a restaurant, ? Still consider that certain places have more or less of certain demographics. Consider how many senior citizens, immigrants, white, black, educated, blue collar, white collar, small business, chains, etc...... and if you like to work for everyone, well target to largest demographic in your area.
btw. I am not sure why it was suggested you change dot from red to another color. I do not see a problem with it being red.

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Have you considered using 'design' or 'graphic design' instead of 'graphics'?

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Brian. Point taken (in your counter-critique). Perhaps the size is part of the problem and not just the color-not sure.
Darrel has a good point about using the word "graphics". It has association to desktop publishing vs. "design" or "graphic design" which brings to mind a more skilled and qualified professional sounding person. Then again perhaps if James does not want the more difficult clients that demand more processes and comps to please, perhaps the word "graphics" is ideal. As James mentioned he did not want to target specific industries- ironically the process of elimination (by choosing to use wording such as "graphics" vs. "design") has already begun. Just to clarify- I do not think there is anything wrong with desktop publishing- client expectation is lower, so it the pay, but the volume make up for it.

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Finally made it back here. Thanks for pointing out these things. But I have for a long time often comtemplated the word "Mode" in question and I'm very aware of it's two meanings. It also serves as a synonym for "method". Well, since "method" didn't quite sound appealing for a name, I chose "mode".

Also changing "mode" to "mod" and "graphics" to "graphic design" sounds like a plan, I'll be trying out some roughs for it later on.

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Well, what about 'MODesign', then.?

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Or Mo'Design ? (as in more design)

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MODesign is already taken...

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I was about to say the same thing. Already familiar with the site...& GOD FORBID if I should do the "Spike Lee" thing with that Mo' Design. I think I'll stick to the original path I said on the last post and see what comes up.

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