Looking for typefaces that have only true circles and straight lines

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That have only true circles and straight lines, with no optical adjustments.


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The original DIN was designed to be just that. Digital interpretations are Isonorm by MecaNorma (also in the Adobe ollection) or Isonorm3098 by FontShop. There are more...


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Many geometric typefaces that use round, not oblong, or oval, counters can be found in Part 1 of the Bauhaus-style Font ID Guide. Since those are sometimes scans from older books, not all of them are in digital form, but many of them are.

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Variex, by Emigre.

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Circle / Cirkulus (I've not taken a protractor to them)?

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The problem is, even an apparently perfectly geometrical typeface
like ITC Avant Garde Gothic will have subtle optical adjustments,
as without them the characters would just look plain wrong. A circle
looks like an ellipse when it's a perfect circle, a join will fill up
optically if there are no subtle ink traps and so on...

Can there be no optical corrections at all, or is it OK if they're
almost unnoticable?

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