Short lowercase ascender with tall cap-height

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Maybe a strange question, but does anyone have examples of typefaces that have a shorter lowercase ascender height than the uppercase cap-height? I don't know of any or if this even makes sense but I'm NEW.


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Not offhand.
I’ve seen it done occasionally.
By way of an experiment, I combined different optical sizes, and different weights, to see if I could achieve the effect (see below). It would take a lot of experimenting to come up with a satisfactory design for such a face, IMHO.
Would it be possible to write a script in InDesign which does this?

Scotch Modern, Helvetica, Bodoni Egyptian.

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You don't even need a script. It's very easy to do this with a GREP style that applies a lighter optical size and a larger point size to any uppercase letter.

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If I may blatantly promote myself...

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Related, Sports ???ustrated:

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