DE Lig (scribal abbreviation that are... not scribal)

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So, while I've certainly seen the all-capped DE ligature rather often, I came across a new one — the lower cased. And just afterwards, a barred q for qua/cua. Now granted, I know that scribal abbreviations for such things are common, but I don't work with medieval texts where those are very common. I certainly didn't expect to see it in a printed text from the 16th century. The most I'm used to seeing is ß in italics and a good bit of n/m dropping via tilde.

How long did some of these abbreviations last out elsewhere? Most of the facsimile editions I've used from Spain in the 16th century just have ß in italics, and a good bit of n/m dropping via tilde, and replacing que with q-tilde, hence my surprise with this one.

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Could you maybe post a pic or two?

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