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<font class="dontLookLikeCrap">i need crit on this poster, so lemme tell you a few words about it.

it is a promotional poster for a graffiti jam, commemorating the bombing of yugoslavia 24.03.1999
the date is also the name of the event.
here's the logo of the event:
and here is the poster:

on the poster the bridge connects the place of the jam, it takes place along the bombed and destroyed bridge here in novi sad.
i had problems with typo placement here.

also there are a couple of other posters on this adress so if you wanna look deeper into it go right ahead.

i have gotten some really contradictory crit from my profesor at school and from some other people so i think i'll need another oppinion.

sorry if this sounds desperate, * sniffs for desperation scent in the air * , this is kind of important to me. :-)

ok, thanx in front.</font>

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Im usually a big proponent of white space but the top right corner seems awkward with the starburst/logo way up in the corner.

Maybe try it bigger?

Also maybe you want to put that splatter on the bottom right on top of the bridge?!?

I really do like the bold shapes and white space(are these going to be silk screens or Photocopies?) but maybe you should but some more texture in it.. especially considering what the event is about.

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thanx for the feedback casey, i apreciate it.

thre are a few other versions of it with the typo placement changed, and just so you know i will do a new one today, because i have an idea. basically no one likes the "Graffiti Jam" type, so i wanna ditch that, i am considering either spraypainting it or scratching it. i might even place it on the bridge itself, i'll see what will i do.

ok guys, expect a new one soon

they will probably be printed in offset print

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