My first typeface, a condensed slab serif

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Im working on my first typeface, a condensed slab serif. I haven't any direct influences, I just thought it would be fun to make a really condensed slab serif. It's the first time I do something like this and the main goal is to learn as much as possible. I realized that making a condensed typeface may not be the best thing to start out with if you want to learn all the classic proportions, but I went for it anyways.

It's all done from scratch and it's meant to be used in sizes 16-48pt. I haven´t worked anything with the kerning och spacing yet.

I appreciate all the input that I can get!

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I would:
- Shorten the descenders.
- Give the "f", "j" and "r" full curls. Not sure about the "y".
- Have full double serifs at the top of the "A".
- Give the "J" a full curl, and maybe not make it descend.
- Make the "Q" not so wimpy.


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Good curve shapes.
The thinning of the tails of Q, y, j are definitely out of place; get them up to slab weight.
Bottom half of S is looking comparatively heavy.
Consider making the bowl of P taller.
Maybe restructure the M to ameliorate the clotting of the top corners.
6 and 9 could stand to be a little less square.

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Thank you for the feedback! I totally agree with with you about the "f" and "j", but do you really think it will work on the "r"?

The "y" is a letter i've been having some problems with. It's hard when it's so condensed,here is an earlier version of the "y", but i think it's way too black. Do you have any suggestion how I should approach it?

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Thank you! The tails seems to be the things I really need to work on. My vision was too make something a bit more characteristic with tha tails, but it might be too inconsistent compared to the rest of the typeface. Both the "S" and the "M" are two letters i've been struggling with and will definitely give them more work.

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