Bruno Mars Logo

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Can anyone identify this font? Thanks in advance!!!

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I couldn't find a font by that name.... Can you give me a link?

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I think ‘Prosthetica’ (amputated letter parts > prosthesis) was supposed to be joke. The letters of the logo, however, are a (worse) joke. If you want a working typeface with a similar feel, buy Futura.

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I'm guessing that means that the logo was edited in something like Photoshop then. I'm not a font expert, so can't expect me to get the joke. Thanks for your effort though.

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Probably not Photoshop, but yes, they apparently used some software to either modify Futura or rather create the letters for the logo from scratch. It seems unlikely that there is an entire typeface; it’s just these eight letters, I think. At least to me, the result looks amateurish and contrived. As I said, you might like Futura although I admit that it does not have this type of ‘N’, not to mention the quite unusual (and hard to read) ‘R’. And I’m quite sensitive when it comes to this letter.

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Agree with R. Looks like a manipulated Futura Demi (Demi and Paratype version to get a very close /S, /U, /O and /N with flat connections). The rest could have been redrawn: /B from /P with an additional bottom bowl (in Futura, /B top bowl is not identical to /P one), /R obviously with /P with a vertical stroke as leg, /N customized (moving vertical stroke left and removing the resulting external oblique stroke), /M and /A redrawn (or may be simply horizontally compressed?). Everything could be done using vector software like Illustrator or CorelDraw (type text, vectorize and simply edit moving strokes or points).

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