typeface on the Magazine De Stijl from 1917 to 1920

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Does anybody know what is the typeface used in the body copy of the Magazine De Stijl published from 1917 to 1920?
I include some attachments here for identification. Thank you in advance.

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Apologies, it seems that the second file attached is corrupt. I will attach it again here and also a close up.

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I think that's Della Robbia. link

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It's also close to Della Respira by Nathan Willis (Google Web Fonts)
but the |w| does not match to either Della Robbia or Della Respira

I found it using Find my Font - http://www.findmyfont.com

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What was Della Respira based on?


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Acording to Google Web Fonts page:

Della Respira a revival of the Della Robbia typeface by American Type Founders (ATF).

Della Robbia is currently published by both Bitstream and Tilde. MyFonts.com has no reference to ATF and no design date for either of those.

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Della Robbia was designed by Thomas Maitland Cleland for Lanston Monotype in 1902. But indeed the w is different.

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Thanks all for your guidance. These faces seem very close indeed but the lowercase a in my scans is not slanted.
Any thoughts?
And thank you, very much appreciated.

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Possibly a (Dutch?) foundry recut and issued their own take on the Della Robia typeface at that time, with these variations?

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