What's that monoline script?

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Hi everyone - unfortunately I don"t have a visual, but here it goes: Letraset used to have this fairly bold non-joining monoline script in their dry transfer program, that looks round and simple and kind of non-descript in terms of a specific era. It's not Kaufman, and not quite as black as Varga. It was not designed for Letraset. I guess that's why it's not in their Fontek program.
Light bulb blinking, anyone?

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Could you be thinking of Gillies?

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Or SantaFe, which is very similar?

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Wait, you said it's NOT in the Fontek collection? That probably leaves out both of the preceding choices.

The only two fonts I can think of that were Letraset scripts that are not in the Fontek collection (I'm sure Mark Simonson will know more) are Eclat and Einhorn, and neither of those would be considered monoline or non-connecting.

This may be very hard without seeing a sample.

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Hi Patricia, Hi Mike,
thanks for your suggestions. So far they are not what I have in mind. (And on the tip of my tongue, but maddeningly enough the name does not come up).

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