Advice needed!!HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im doing this project. you have to write your own brief, im very interested in handmade graphics, like saul bass, paul rand stye. my tutor said i can't do posters , or film posters again cos thats similar to our previous projects. what else can i do? book covers? please help me. im really really stuck.


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Children's book
Ad for breakfast food or pet store
Teeny-bopper boutique branding
Label or package for jelly or preserves
Point-of-purchase display for soft drink

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DIY outlet or product branding/packaging

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There's a LOT more you can do than just posters. Packaging, billboards, web sites, logos, brochures, books, manuals, POP, signage, environmental graphics, fleet graphics, menus, direct mail, motion graphics, bus ads, infographics, kiosks, forms, invites, letterheads, gifts, stationery, typefaces, icons, interfaces, cd packaging, etc.

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