Chakma script - the first Unicode font available

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“Version 6.1 of the Unicode Standard continues the Unicode Consortium's long-term commitment to support the full diversity of languages around the world.”*
Among others Chakma script have been added (11100..1114F). The standard is not enough—people need the font to write. Some days ago the RibengUni font has been released, see: , designed by Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz) & Jyoti Chakma [Bangladesh] with assistance of Jan Żurawski [Poland]. The font is released under SIL Open Font License. Latin part is adopted from the other OFLicensed font released recently.
You can see the font in the wild
hand writing


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Thank you JanekZ. We want the Unicode Chakma Font for writing on the Web. Today we are successful. Now our community write on anywhere & anytime in the World.

Well done, JanekZ. Go ahead our valuable works.

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JanekZ and Suzmoriz,

Thanks very much.... Now I am very glad because I write now own Chakma Script on the WEB.

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JanekZ, Thank you very much. Now we are wold wide.

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Thank you all!
Edit: Everything works in Firefox 12, so please use this browser.

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We are proud of "Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz) & Jyoti Chakma" . They are very active in Chakma & Computing knowledge. Thank you JanekZ for assisting them. Hope the whole Chakma Community will be benefited from such effort.

Now we need to see our script on Mobile Application. How can it possible? One more question: Any Idea about it ? Janek Z please feed back me.

I also hard request all forum member, please suggest me about the point.

Thank you all.

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