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Going through Microsoft's diacritic design standards( http://www.microsoft.com/typography/developers/fdsspec/diacritics.htm ), one notices Adam T's name quite a few times when Polish accents come into picture. The hyperlink's are supposed to explain the design of Polish accents by Adam T, but when you follow the links nothing happens. The website( http://www.font.org/ ) asks you for a username and password.(Whaaat?) So Adam or anyone associated with font.or website can throw some light on this?


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I think i found the correct website (http://www.twardoch.com/download/polishhowto/index.html ) but i still don't know why those hyperlinks are pointing to www.font.org

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So, what’s the problem? When I click on the link you provide, I am prompted for a username and password, which makes the whole exercise somewhat pointless…

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The links to Polish diacritics in Microsoft website direct to the font.org website. But I got them anyway from A Twardoch's website. So yeah, the post is pointless.

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