Multiple hinting?

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I'm working on my first MM font. I'm in the final stage and not sure about hinting issue.
Is it suffice to set stems and make some corrections only in two masters ? or should I hint all instances individually?
Of course i'm talking about basic Type1 hinting.

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What tool are you using to build the font? FontLab Studio?

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majus, thanks, but I haven't found the answer to my problem.

Thomas, yes I'm using Fontlab Studio.

I've read about links, I think this is what I'm looking for.
But how does it work? When should I convert hints to links?
Do these links save hints for all instances?

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Links are an internal FLS thing, which get turned into hints when you generate actual fonts.

Really, for most people and purposes, you can just:
- set your blue zones and key heights in each master, separately
- make sure part of your production process is to autohint the generated instance-fonts

Personally, I like to leave overlap in the masters where it is helpful, generate instances, auto-hint the instance, then remove overlap.

As long as your hinting parameters work with the font weight and all, that usually produces quite decent PostScript hinting.

(Note that if you autohint a glyph in the MM, FLS does the hints for each master, and makes them compatible.)

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