Space problem in After Effects

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Hi guys,

I've recently done a broadcast styling that uses a simple coloured block behind the tv program titles. I've converted the used font glyphs to rectangles so it can be used as an extra text layer (with the same text entered, just in another color) behind the 'real' title, that way it's foolproof for the broadcast mechanics :)

Now onto my problem.. When we use the font in After effects all rectangle blocks show up except the one that's supposed to replace the space, it remains a regular space. The spaces however work fine and show up as the rectangle blocks in non-motion programs like PS or ILL.

Any idea why this is happening or how to solve it?

thanks a lot in advance!

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So…what’s the problem? Do the gaps between words disappear?

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the gaps appear as gaps, where they should be appearing as a block. It seems like AE isn't accepting a graphic on the 'space' glyph for some reason.

You would have the same issue when using this font:

It has a graphic when typing a space as well.

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In InDesign, the underline can double as a background. I don't know if AE lets you set its size, offset and colour.

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the gaps appear as gaps, where they should be appearing as a block

Again: so, what’s the problem? Do you want the spaces to appear as blocks in your final product, or are you simply being anal-retentive for no good reason?

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@oldnick-no-baka... – It's to be a whole block, like a line o' type. And mefinks I have read too much Ranma fanfic.

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It's to be a whole block, like a line o' type

So…anal-retentive it is. Quel surprise

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Yes, 'coz not wanting text that looks like it was squeezed through a noise gate is an anal thing...

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The space character is not like other characters in fonts. It's a special case in that its width is potentially variable (as in fully justified text). You can put a path in it, but it won't necessarily display an image when it is used. In many apps, only the advance width of the space character is used. In those cases, there is no workaround except to use a different character in place of the space.

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Try using another space, like the non-breaking space, the thin space, etc.


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@Té Rowan—

the gaps appear as gaps…not paying attention are we?

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Thanks guys for the answer, especially Mark, that was exactly the explanation i was looking for.

Why so negative? :) Of course we want the spaces to appear as blocks in the final product. Since broadcast mechanics are a bit lazy and want to automate everything, we need to supply a foolproof way for them to use on daily basis whilst following the style guide.

Not supplying this solution would mean a lot more masking etc.. Nothing 'anal-retentive' about that.

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