Numbers in name ok?

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Is it ok to put numbers in a fonts name? If no, how come?

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Bitstream has done it. For their fonts numbers served as codes, though. Numbers also indicate the weight of the font like in Jos Buivenga's Museo.

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It is something that has long been advised against, but even back in the mid-90s we didn't run into actual problems with '1530 Garamond'. It is possible that there is some piece of software out there that will gag on a number in one of the key font names, but I've not come across it yet.

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P22 Johnston has a number in it..

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I have just run a quick test with a Mac Postscript Type 1 font using a number in all of the naming fields (relevant to that format) and both Word (2011) and InDesign (CS6) picked it up without any problems. I remember encountering some issues with some of the Bitstream fonts many years ago but can no longer remember exactly what version of the Mac OS I was running or what software threw up the problem, though I suspect that it was Quark Passport 4.11 and that using unconventionally named fonts was the least of the issues encountered.

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Guess it won't be a problem then. Thanks all!

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