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We've got Benton Sans as a house font which we've started to implement on the website. The devs are telling me that it's really heavy when users download causing huge caching issues.

The bright idea to reduce the font weight be removing certain characters as now lead to this bodged jagged appearance of our font. Have the developers removed vital data files that effect the render in their hackjob.

So my question is:
Is there a web version of Benton we can purchase, I couldn't find it anywhere.?
so webfonts aren't the holy grail that was once espoused if all these weight issues stop implementation?

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We've got Benton Sans as a house font which we've started to implement on the website.

Do you have a webfont license? If not, it might be illegal to upload your house (print!) font to a web server.

You can get the webfont licenses here:

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you can get non-license-violating benton sans webfonts from
they also have subsetting built into their font management options, so you can easily get that file size down without hacking

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It sounds like you are moving outside your license agreement. 1: Modifying the font files. 2: Uploading the font files to a web server. Nr. 1 is rarely allowed. Nr. 2 is allowed in very few situations, but for the most part foundries prefer (for licensing and technical reasons) to serve font files with renting services. Font Bureau’s fonts are available from Benton Sans RE is a special version of Benton Sans optimized for text sizes on screen, and the Benton Sans Family (without the "RE" extension) offers the full range of styles for use at headline sizes. I’m not sure if Webtype have a method for automatic subsetting, but most other web font services do.

They do offer the option of hosting files on your own server. If you have special needs (re: file size etc.) I suggest you contact them directly via e-mail.

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(Those two above beat me too it. Such a slow writer.)

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Sounds like a feature not a bug. ;-)


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As previously mentioned, we provide many weights, widths and styles of Benton Sans for use on the web; these versions are hinted specifically for rendering across different browsers (i.e., WOFF, TTF, EOT and SVG) and operating systems along with the ability subset by character sets to reduce file sizes. We offer both cloud-hosted and self-hosted licenses and a free 30-day trial for any font. If you have any specific questions, feel free to reach out to me directly:

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So returning to this. I've been told by the developer tasked with getting this font that she asked for it and the seller said they didn't have it. Then 2 days later they said they did (suspicious, could they have just converted it)

So it's a legit copy which she hacked down. Anyway the company has now rebranded to a new font Metric... uff all my effort for nothing in the end.

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