This One Might Stump the Experts

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I'm hired to perform various marketing functions for a restaurant. I am counting on your discretion but the NY franchise of this establishment has not been able to identify the type face of the original logo. It is very close to Olde English and Gregorian FLF but I have yet to match the font exactly. I fear that the type was modified and/or combined with another. The restaurant was formerly an Italian restaurant in Paris that was purchased by the founder in 1959 - so the font was created pre-1959. I haven't found any type face that comes close to the unusual capital V. I hope the experts here have sage advice for me.

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I fear that the type was modified and/or combined with another

You nailed it, brother: your best bet is either to accept a close substitute, or to commission a custom font.

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It reminds me of Mariage, which might be a good basis for customisation or your best choice if you can’t afford to have the letters customised.

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Thank you kindly for the help. Can anyone recommend someone who could recreate just the name or an entire custom typeface? Best regards

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Most of the people on Typophile could vectorize that logo for you, and many of us can indeed even make a font out of it, including yours truly - feel free to ask for a quote:
hpapazian at gmail dot com


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Accept Hrant’s advice: support your local crackpots…

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