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I'm creating a pixellike font that consists of:
1 - the normal typeface
2 - and pictos (pictograms)

I want to have one family name (Pharma) with 2 styles
1 - regular
2 - pictos

As i want the font to be crossplatform, i generated (using FL):
1 - Pharma normal.ttf
2 - Pharma pictos.ttf

Than activated both in suitcase, they nicely work in apples textedit (in the menu i have the Pharma-family and can choose between normal and pictos)
However in adobeprograms like illu or photoshop, it's only the Pharma normal that shows up, ignoring the second one with the pictos.
I already read the thread about this issues http://groups.msn.com/fontlab/tipsandtricks.msnw?action=get_message&mview=0&ID_Message=2843
But this is very confusing to me. Isn't there a simple solution to my problem? I mean if textedit can handle the fonts why can't Illu, Ps or Indesign?
Thanks a lot


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Anyone a clue? Hmmm then i think i will go for two family names like so:
1 - Pharmacare.ttf
2 - Pharmapicto.ttf

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