Bandage script

Does anybody know what the script here for Waterproof is? It's pretty close to the Johnson & Johnson logo, but not quite. Maybe the same artist did it? It might be custom for both cases, in which case the question should be what is a script that would get me there?

Thanks in advance!

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Can't even say if it's actually a font or not but it makes me thinking somehow to Metroscript. Having a look to the "More Fonts like..." could worth a shot...

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Thanks for the suggestion Ryuk – Metroscript is pretty close, but it doesn't have the same kind of thicks and thins that the original has. I'll give it a shot though!

I've also been looking at Mr Sheffield and Cider Script, but nothing has quite that mix of medical seriousness and vintage charm. Might just be too hand-done to match the mood perfectly!

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Off the beaten track is Aero Script.

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